Our vision for a better mobility includes

  • traffic calming
  • reduction of deaths and serious injuries on the road
  • minimization of traffic jams
  • diminution of CO2 emissions
  • amelioration of traffic flow
  • harmonization of mixed traffic modes


Our innovation involves humans and technology. Implementing the law of nature called swarm behaviour, we motivate humans to actively contribute to a better mobility. ADI rewards drivers using cruise control with incentives. This results in

  • traffic calming > drivers avoid speeding
  • reducing collisions by more than 30% (1)(2)
  • reducing road deaths by more than 20% (1)(2)
  • reducing CO2 emissions by more than 10% total(2)(3)
  • reducing CO2 emissions up to 37% by avoiding congestion per veh-km(3)
  • increasing road capacity by a gain of 4(4)
  • amelioration of traffic flow
  • a flexible system easily adaptable for new objectives

Further advantages of ADI

  • ADI follows the same rules for speed as autonomous driving cars do. In this context the mixed mode flow becomes much more effective.
  • ADI has been developed for new cars, with CC on board at minimum cost.
  • ADI has a excellent penetration to the fleet(5): the innovation has been tested to work also for already existing cars on the road (successful Proof of Concept for a smartphone App solution).
  • ADI will be highly accepted by the drivers' community thanks to incentives, lower operating vehicle costs, increased safety and better environmental balance.

(1) http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20101007192215/http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/roads/vehicles/intelligentspeedadaptation/fullreport.pdf

(2) https://etsc.eu/wp-content/uploads/ETSC-ISA-infographic.pdf

(3) TNO report for the european commission Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Energy Efficiency in Road Transport 16. september 2009

(4) Fahren mit Autopilot - Technology Review September 2013

(5) CC mandatory (cars are upgradable if not factory installed)

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